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Tara river rafting / per person

Adrenaline charge and untouched nature - the Tara River!

Tara river rafting / per person

per person

Tara river rafting – only Tara river can offer you such an adrenaline rush! Experience nature from your rafting boat on a whole different level – our Tara river adventure was tailored for that!

You’ll be able to witness a unique natural landscape and wonders along  28 km long river bank and the canyon, excitedly matched with foamy rapids from Brstanovice to Scepan Polje.

The price of the arrangement includes:

  • one day arrangement
  • breakfast, lunch
  • transport from Scepan Polje to Brstanovice
  • taxes for rafting and acommodation, as well as insurance
  • free parking for vehicles
  • rafting
  • every guest is provided with necessary footwear, clothing, as well as security belts and helmets

For more information about this particular excursion you can give us a call on+382 20 220 440, or write us an e-mail on

1 - 5 days (more information on request)
  • Included
    Tara river rafting / per person
    Usluge vodiča
Arrival of the participants at the camp “Grab” in Scepan Polje, and breakfast in the restaurant on the river bank.
Rafting preparations - equipping with security belts, helmets, appropriate clothes and footwear designed for protection against water and cold.
11.30 - 12.00h
Transportation by off-road vehicles upstream river Tara to Brstanovice, which is the rafting starting point.
12.00 - 16.00h
Rafting on the fastest and most attractive rapids on Tara ( Borovi, Varda, Celije, Vjernovica buk…) Breaks during rafting will occur on spots suitable for resting, taking photographs, swimming etc.
Arrival at the camp “Grab” in Scepan Polje, signals the end of rafting, as well as lunch at the restaurant on the river bank. When finished with rafting portion of your trip, you will be able to enjoy some of the greatest traditional Montenegrin specialties ( aperitif- rakija, rafting soup, grilled trout, lamb and potatoes, some vegetarian dishes, as well as salads and desserts).


  • your passport or ID
  • dry clothing.