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Skadar lake cruise

Discover the magic of the National Park Skadar Lake - the largest lake in the Balkans

Skadar lake cruise

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Find out the wonders of Skadar Lake National Park- the largest lake on the Balkans!

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Skadar lake cruise – this is the largest lake on the Balkan peninsula, and it’s a true gift of nature, so make reservations for Skadar lake cruise and find out why!

If you love nature and its landscapes, this cruise is a wonderful way to familiarize yourself with the wild side of Montenegro, during your stay in this magnificent country.

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Skadar Lake National Park

Skadar lake is the largest freshwater area on the Balkans, with the surface area that varies from 370 to 530 km2, depending on the water level. Due to its geographical position and sub mediterranean climate features, this is one of the most important settlements of wetland birds in Europe, during winter. There are 280 species of birds present on this lake, as well as a rare specimen of a curly pelican that is also the symbol of the park.

Trough history, this area was crawling with different cultures that left a strong mark in the rich cultural and historical legacy of the Skadar basen. On the islands of this lake there are many medieval fortresses, churches and monasteries. The oldest island monastery Starcevo was founded in XIV century by an old ascetic Makarije, which is how the island got its name Starceva gorica – “Old man’s hillock ”.

There are also  two towns on the lake’s coast, two old urban cores, with a unique architecture and of great value for the development of Montenegrin state. These towns are Virpazar and Rijeka Crnojevica. Both settlements are today known for restaurants where you can try some of the best dishes from traditional cuisine. The south part of the lake is particularly known for the best wine in all of the country, which, combined with smoked lake carp can please some of  the most choosy of food and drink devotees.

1 - 5 days (more information on request)
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    Skadar lake cruise
The largest lake of the Balkan peninsula is a true oasis to a great number of bird and plant species, pleasant climate, small natural wonders and rich cultural legacy, all of which forms a unity of Lake Skadar National Park. After breakfast, you’re transferred to Virpazar, so called village of fishermen, which is a starting point of our expedition to unravel many wonders of the lake. The cruise lasts for about two hours, during which you will see fishermen settlements, flora and fauna of the lake, cultural and historical monuments, as well as having a swim in the lake. Our sincere recommendation is lunch at the national restaurant, based on the fish menu. When finished with the cruise, you will get transferred back to your accommodation facility.