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Ostrog Monastery / per person

Ostrog Monastery / per person

per person

Trip to the Monastery of Ostrog – the most famous orthodox sanctuary in Montenegro, visited by pilgrims of all confessions from all parts of the World.

The monastery is engulfed by the mountain in an almost vertical background, 900 m asl in the large rock of Ostroska Greda. It is situated in a natural cave that was used by Saint Basil of Ostrog in the second half of the XVII century.

The monastery is regarded as the most famous Christian shrine in Montenegro, and is one of the most frequently visited on the Balkans, with 100,000 visitors a year.

Monastery complex is comprised of: Upper and Lower monastery with an inn and a library, as well as newly built “ritual church”, auxiliary buildings and classrooms for theology high schoolers.

In the Upper monastery (“upper cave”), a church dedicated to the Holy Cross was built in 1965. It houses the remains – relics of Saint Basil of Ostrog, patron and healer.

The Lower monastery of Ostrog was built on a plateau on which there once was a village church, it was built in 1824 and is dedicated to the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Ostrog Monastery travel programme

The Monastery of Saint Basil of Ostrog miracle worker is the biggest and most visited religious sight in Montenegro. It was built in 1650 and comprises of the upper and lower Monastery. The upper monastery is situated at about 900 m asl and houses Saint Basil of Ostrog’s relics, who was famous for his healing powers. Many tourists of different religions and beliefs visit the monastery each year. The drive from Podgorica to the monastery is about an hour long. You can visit both monasteries and after that take a lunch break at one of the restaurants, from which a splendid view of the Bjelopavlovic plain reveals itself.

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    Ostrog Monastery / per person