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Boka Kotorska bay cruise / per person

Kotor, Persat, Tivat...

Boka Kotorska bay cruise / per person

per person

No matter if you’re coming to Boka Kotorska bay from the sea or land, this bay will leave you stunned either way. This is the southest fjord in Europe, and the travelers feel as if the mountain broke in two and let the sea flood the crack. This area is protected from the harsh climate of the north thanks to the tall mountains that oversee the bay. This is precisely the reason why Boka Kotorska is considered to be an oasis of mediterranean vegetation such as agave, palm trees, mimosa, oleander, kiwi, pomegranate and medicinal plants. While there’s still snow on its peaks, on the bottom of the bay there is eternal summer, with roses, camellias and mimosas in bloom. The bay is naturally divided into four smaller ones: Herceg Novi, Risan, Kotor and Tivat part of the bay. All along the coast you can see towns as little treasuries of history, art and beauty.

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1 - 5 days (more information on request)
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    Boka Kotorska bay cruise / per person
Departure at 08.00 h with a secured transfer to Tivat
The begining of the cruise at 10.00 h in “Pine”, the city port of Tivat
You’ll be able to see the islands of St. Marco, Ostrvo Cvijeca, Lustica peninsula, Zanjice beach, as well as a famous cave “Plava Spilja” where you can bath and dive.
Herceg Novi, island Gospa od Skrpljela and town of Kotor
During this cruise you will see Herceg Novi, island Gospa od Skrpljela, as well as the town of Kotor, where we will make our major breaks. You should know that Kotor is a town under the UNESCO protection.
The cruise ends at 18.00 h, after you get transfer back to your accommodation facility.